Since you used my deck list

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Since you used my deck list

Post  BLiZzArD on Wed Oct 21, 2009 6:39 am

.1. Ken Lizzarago

2. Pokegym: BLiZzArD

3. Going on 12 years

4. 0-0 Working on changing that


Although I am banned I've been playing alot of Pokemon lately and a friend of mine has a Raichu Lv X deck that's been giving me a bit of a fit. so I decided to create a deck that wasn't the standard Dialga G or Machamp Builds with that I give you.

Mass Effects

3 x Gligar
2 x Gliscor
2 x Gliscor LV.X
3 x Skorupi
2 x Drapion
2 x Drapion LV.X
2 x Baltoy
2 x Claydol
2 x Darkrai(power one)
1 X Mr. Mime
2 x Unown G

4 x Roseanne's Research
3 x Bebe's Search
2 x Cynthia's Feelings
2 x Professor Oak's Visit
2 x Night Maintenance
2 x Pokemon Rescue
2 x Premier Ball
3 x Level Max
2 x Switch
3 x Moonlight Stadium

3 x Multi Energy - Special
4 x Fighting Energy - Basic
5 x Darkness Energy - Basic

Gliscor is a beast when your opponent has a condition on thier active so I did everything I could think of to make sure that happened. Trip poison with Drapion X is super nasty with Gliscor and level max makes it possible to do it from the bench moonlight helps if I have to make it active. Darkrai is anther neat trick. Please feel free to critique or to change it's a fun deck and ment as such.

6. Well you used my deck list as your basis for what a deck list should look like.



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Re: Since you used my deck list

Post  Prize_Card on Sun Nov 01, 2009 9:00 pm

Thanks ken for signin up on the forum =) I thought your list was a good example cause you included a strategy and a well thought out list. So yea


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